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A Farmer and a Chef

I first met Geoff Seelen of Piedmont Biofarms while attending a Chicken Wire dinner this past July. My husband had called me over to taste his potato dish. Not being a big potato fan I reluctantly tasted it. Boy was I glad I did–WOWZA! I won’t admit to you how many helpings of this dish I actually sampled but what I will share with you is that I never knew a potato could taste so divine! At that moment Geoff and his cooking caught my attention. I grabbed one of his cards advertising an upcoming pop up dinner that was being hosted at Piedmont Biofarm and as soon as I got home that night I bought tickets and began texting all of my foodie friends encouraging them to do the same!

The next time I saw Geoff was at the August biofarms pop up dinner. The evening started with a tour of their amazing farm. Next we enjoyed a fabulous farm to table dinner where the flavors were exceptional and the presentation was simple yet elegant. I knew at that moment that Geoff would be a perfect addition to our gala culinary team!

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I have since gotten to know Geoff and I had the pleasure of coming out to the farm with my son take some photographs. My son was completely enthralled with Geoff and I was so impressed with how much time he took taking us around the farm, explaining each varietal of vegetable. In addition to teaching my son about the produce he was growing he also allowed him to sample some amazing vegetables ranging from celtuce to kale to celery to romanesca. It is quite easy to see that Geoff is not only very knowledgeable but also very passionate about what he does. He is truly a seed to fork farmer and chef. Geoff is also a very generous and kind hearted individual working hard to give back to the community he serves.

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Here are a few things you should know about Piedmont Biofarms:

  • they grow a diverse repertoire of vegetables with minimal mechanical equipment and no synthetic chemical inputs
  • they offer their produce year round at the Durham Farmers Market and beginning Dec 5 they will also be at the  Western Wake Farmers Market
  • they have an amazing blog with great recipes and tips on how to cook and prepare the vegetables they sell
  • they offer a CSA-weekly veggie box
  • their produce frequents local restaurant menus and co-op grocery shelves
  • they offer amazing seed to table dinners throughout the year

We are truly honored to have Geoff as one of our featured chefs for the Taste For a Cure Gala: Benefiting Melanoma Research.