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Italian Meets Southern Boy

Justin Anderson is the sous chef at Gocciolina, an Italian restaurant in Durham recognized by Greg Cox of the News & Observer as the “2015 Restaurant of the Year.” The first time I ate at Gocciolina I was beyond impressed by not only the food and flavor profiles, but also the creative use of locally sourced ingredients. I believe my husband and I ordered almost every appetizer on the menu and ordered more pastas and main courses then we had room for. Aside from the amazing meatball appetizer, the Pasta Carbonara was hands down the best I have ever eaten. Having recently traveled to Rome two times in the last year that is saying a lot :). My mouth also watered over the delicious gnocchi duck bolognese (which incidentally I dreamt about for days) and his delicate preparation of trout was outstanding. I knew immediately at that point that Justin would be the perfect addition to our Gala culinary team.

Soon after meeting with Justin I not only realized that he was a talented and creative chef but that he was also very passionate about his commitment to cooking with locally sourced ingredients. I also learned that Justin is just an awesome, down to earth guy who has generously donated his time and talent to such an important cause. We are beyond grateful that Justin will be a part of our phenomenal culinary team!

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If you are ever in Durham I encourage you to dine at Gocciolina. Be sure to make reservations though as this is a happening spot for dinner!