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Oui, Chef: A Frenchmen’s Twist on Southern Faire

When I began planning the gala and started researching local chefs, there was one name that kept popping up. So many people in the local foodie world kept telling me about Chef Serge. I won’t lie, when I first looked him up and read that he was an executive chef from France I was slightly intimidated. The more I learned about him the more intrigued I became, so I decided to reach out to him. Chef Serge responded to me immediately and agreed to meet with me at his restaurant 18 Seaboard in Raleigh. As part of my homework my husband and I dined at 18 Seaboard a few days prior to me meeting Chef Serge. I must say that as soon my first course arrived I became very excited about my planned meeting with Serge. Not only was his food incredible but the flavor profiles were complex yet balanced. I left that evening very happy, with a full belly and a big smile on my face, as did my husband.

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A few days later I met with Chef Serge. All of my earlier worries and nerves were quickly set aside. Chef Serge is not only a warm, friendly man he also has a delightful french accent and a down to earth personality that makes him very easy to talk to and relate to. His love of food and cooking is abundant. When we toured the kitchen Chef Serge warmly introduced me to all of the staff and it was clear to see that he values his team in the kitchen. His positive attitude and love of cooking made me want to grab an apron and start working! I could not be more honored that Chef Serge will be one of our featured chefs and he will be tasked with cooking our main course. In addition to his talent in the kitchen he is a very giving and philanthropic man. We are thrilled to have his support.

If you are ever in Raleigh I highly recommend you visit 18 Seaboard. The atmosphere is friendly and the food does not disappoint!

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