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Petals-Sassafras Fork Farm

A few months ago while in Oxford, NC I met Kathleen of Sassafras Fork Farm. How we met was serendipitous. At the time I was meeting with Chef James Dutra of Harvest about his involvement in the Gala. I happened to ask him if he worked with any local farmers. He began to chuckle as did the lady at the table beside us. I learned that the lady beside us was Kathleen of Sassafras Fork Farm. We began to tell her about the Gala and she told us about her daughter and her flower farm. After getting home and taking a look at Stephanie’s Petals Website we all knew that she fit perfectly with our gala vision and staying true to locally sourcing everything including the flowers.

Recently, Valerie (our lead event planner) and I had the honor of meeting with Stephanie of Petals-Sassafras Fork Farm. Stephanie was even lovelier then I had pictured. Her passion and vision shined through while she spoke. We fell in love with her ideas, her enthusiasm and willingness to come up with a creative design true to our gala mission. It was clear to Valerie and I after meeting with Stephanie that she was the PERFECT addition to our gala and I am certain that her amazing talent will shine through in her floral designs. You cannot get more locally sourced, farm to table then this!

A few short days after meeting with Stephanie we were thrilled to find out that Stephanie has assembled a flower team for the gala. Stephanie will be collaborating with Kelly of Color Fields Farm and Renee of Wild Scallions Farm. Together I am certain that our floral designs will be talked about for months after the gala!!

Stephanie is yet again another example of a creative, kind individual wiling to share her passion, time and talent!

*Pictured here Valerie and Stephanie