Great Soles

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Great Soles

Polka Dot Mama Level


Great Soles for Great Souls

One of the first: into the studio out to the streets, great grip socks perfect for Barre,Yoga, Pilates and more. Functional fashion for a cause, Great Soles supports you in comfort and style from the ground up.

Born, as many things are, from life’s hopes, challenges, and chances. It’s a story of two sisters – combining passions, making changes and taking steps towards creating their own ‘footprint’ for a better world.

Our truth: we believe in the power of exercise as a universal tool towards a more balanced, centered and stronger self. Join the movement…

Fun Functional Fashion

Established in 2007, Great Soles was conceived in the Pilates studio where we recognized the need for a quality nonslip grip sock to improve practice and performance through better balance and control. And we take pride in our achievements, as Great Soles consistently scores high in design and customer satisfaction.

Our promise: We will continue to expand and design our products to best serve our growing community. See some our featured items…

Commitment to the Environment & Community

Great Soles is committed to sustainability and supporting local businesses. We carefully choose materials that minimize our environmental impact.

We are a community based business that partners with your neighborhood studios. Some of our featured studios…