Chef's Retreat


Taste For a Cure: Chef’s Retreat

Today I am overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement. Yesterday we had an opportunity to host a Chef’s Retreat for our Taste For a Cure Gala team. In the planning stages of the Gala one of our chefs came up with the idea of having a gathering a few months before the gala with all of the key players. The idea was that if we all got together we could work together to make this event unlike any other.

What I witnessed yesterday was nothing short of amazing! To be in the barn surrounded by so many talented, passionate people all coming together with one mission—to make this Gala a huge success! To see all of these amazing people gathered on their time off thinking about how they can take this Gala to the next level was nothing short of amazing. From the Chefs, to the Sommelier team, to the Decorators, to the Tech Team to the Volunteer Coordinators to the Event Planners, it all came together.


After an incredibly successful meeting we all enjoyed some Raclette. It was such fun to introduce many of the team members to something new. The Raclette was also made special from the generous contributions of La Farm. The bread and pastries that they provided were the perfect accompaniment to a fabulous meal.


Thank you to those you have and continue to support this effort. Melanoma — the deadliest skin cancer — has become one of the fastest-growing forms of cancer in the United States.

Together we are making a difference.

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